New Year, New Car? Why Buying Before January Makes Sense

December 15th, 2023 by

The holidays are a time for giving, celebrating, and… maybe getting something for yourself? While it might seem counterintuitive to make a major purchase before the new year, there are actually several compelling reasons why buying a car in December could be your best move.


Savings Galore!

  • Year-End Deals: Dealerships are eager to meet their annual sales targets, so they often roll out irresistible year-end deals and discounts. You could score significant savings on the car of your dreams.
  • Manufacturer Rebates: Car manufacturers often sweeten the deal with end-of-year rebates and cash incentives, further lowering the cost of your new ride.
  • Clearance of Older Models: As the new year approaches, dealerships need to clear out their inventory of previous year models. This translates to lower prices for you on those slightly older, but still new, models.


Beat the Price Hike!

  • Avoid Price Increases: Car prices are expected to rise in 2024 and 2025 due to recent labor agreements. Buying now means locking in a lower price and beating the upcoming inflation.
  • Popular Model Availability: Popular models can be hard to find throughout the year, but buying in December increases your chances of snagging that coveted car before it’s gone.
  • Inventory Holding Costs: Dealerships incur costs associated with holding unsold inventory. They’d rather pass those savings on to you and get the car off their lot, giving you a better deal.


Bonus Perks!

  • Tax Incentives: Some jurisdictions offer tax breaks for purchasing a new car before year-end. These deductions or credits can further reduce your tax burden. Buyers may be eligible for deductions or credits that can reduce their tax liability.
  • Holiday Money: Some customers may choose to add an amount over their purchase price to their loan to cover other expenses. We are able to cut the customer a check that will allow them to buy gifts, pay off credit cards, or for whatever else they may need. In most cases, an auto loan is less expensive than credit cards, therefore saving the customer a lot of money on interest charges while getting the things they want now.
  • Skip a Payment or Three: Trading in your current vehicle means we will be paying it off. Done at the right time, this means you may be able to skip the payment on your old vehicle and delay the payments on your new one!
  • Arrive in Style: Turn heads at your holiday gatherings with your brand new ride!
  • Get More for Your Trade: With many businesses and auctions closed for the holidays, we need your vehicle more than ever. This means we will be paying more for trades simply because we need the inventory.
  • Upgraded Safety Features: New model years often come equipped with the latest safety technologies. Buying in December means you get these life-saving features sooner.
  • Wrap up Resolutions: Finish the year strong by accomplishing one of your goals. Buying the car you’ve been dreaming of before the new year gives you a head start on your resolutions.


So, before you put your car-buying plans on hold until January, consider the many advantages of purchasing before the new year. You could score incredible savings, find the perfect car, and even get some bonus perks. Don’t miss out – visit Fred Martin Superstore today and see how buying now can make your car dreams a reality!

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