Used Car Buying Tips in Barberton, OH

Brought to you by Fred Martin Superstore of Barberton OH

Are you in search of your next vehicle in the Barberton area? Have you considered buying a used car, truck, or SUV? Buying pre-owned has many benefits. And when you purchase used from a dealership such as Fred Martin, you can have a peace of mind that your car will be in top shape! Buying a used vehicle can be daunting. You want a great price, but you also want a vehicle in great working order. Sometimes when the price seems too good to be true, there is a reason why. It has been said that buying a used car is buying someone else’s problems. You can minimize the odds of that happening by spending a little extra time and taking a few extra precautions.

While buying used can save you money, it is still a large investment. And when you have such a large investment, you want to get it right. Check out our info below to help guide you through the process, from start to finish, of shopping for your used car! If you have any questions or concerns during your process, the staff here at Fred Martin is standing by to help.


  1. Examine the tires individually. Does each have at least a quarter of an inch of tread? Is the wear even? Are the tires matched in size and brand?
  2. If the vehicle has wheels with spokes look through the openings on the front wheels to check the disc brake rotors. Are they scored or have big marks in them.
  3. Look under the car for fluid leaks. Do this with the engine off and again with it running. Look for fluid leaks with the hood open.
  4. Squat at the front corners of the car and look down along the sides for ripples that might indicate poor car repairs.
  5. Open and close all the doors and the trunk. Make sure all operate smoothly. Check door edges and hinges for rust.
  6. Lock and unlock all the doors from inside and out.
  7. Ask the salesperson or owner to sit behind the wheel and operate the headlights, brake lights and turn signals as you verify that they work correctly.
  8. Open the hood with the engine running and listen for knocks, ticks, or hisses.
  9. Lift up the pad or carpet in the trunk and check for rust or moisture.
  10. Slide behind the steering wheel and make sure the controls for every system operate properly. Does the air conditioner cool, does the heater heat, does the radio work?
  11. If you smell a strong air freshener, roll down the windows and let it air out. That “new car smell” could be masking an unpleasant odor.
  12. Do you smell fresh paint? If so, ask the seller if the vehicle was recently involved in an accident or why you smell paint.


  1. Make sure you drive the vehicle above 60miles per hour at some point. Many front-end problems aren’t detectable at lower speeds.
  2. Does the front end shake, shimmy or vibrate?
  3. Does the steering wheel vibrate at any speed?
  4. Drive the vehicle between 25 and 35 miles per hour on a bumpy road. Do you hear any unusual noises?
  5. Are there any odd noises when you accelerate from a standstill?
  6. Does the vehicle pull to one side or the other when you accelerate? Find a large, empty parking lot. At 20 miles per hour or so, let go for a brief second of the steering wheel; does the vehicle pull to one side or the other?
  7. Does the transmission shift smoothly?
  8. Apply the brakes; does the pedal feel squishy? Does the vehicle pull to the left or right side when braking? Do the brakes pulsate?
  9. Do you smell anything strange? Burnt oil or a sweet smell (possibly antifreeze), or even the heavy smell of air freshener could be a warning sign.


CARFAX is a great way to view this information. Ask questions about items that concern you. A vehicle with more than one owner per 4 years should raise a RED FLAG. Ask the seller to provide you any service records they have. Look the service records over, if they don’t have any, this may be a RED FLAG. Look for any unusual repair items. Flood and frame damage are considered major issues that greatly reduce the value of any car.


Make sure to have the vehicle inspected by a certified technician that is familiar with the vehicle you are interested in. Make sure at the time of purchase you get the exact miles and VIN number off the vehicle on the day you purchase it. Check it against the title. Never pay for a vehicle from a person-to-person transaction without receiving the title in-hand when you pay for it. The day you receive the title is the day you should go have it put in your name. Understand the risks involved with purchasing a vehicle with a branded title, a manufacturer buyback, or a salvage title. A branded title will lower the value of the vehicle and cause you headaches in the future.


Check out prices of vehicles that are similar in age, mileage, and condition. If the vehicle you are interested in is thousands less than others like it, it may be too good to be true. Be wary of vehicles priced much lower than like vehicles.


You will likely find any issues with the vehicle within the FIRST FIVE DAYS OF PURCHASE. If buying the vehicle from a car dealer make sure they offer you the following options in writing. If the dealer does not offer these options, leave and find one that does.

If you are comfortable with the vehicle after following our Best Used Car Buying Tips, you should feel confident in your buying decision. You have greatly increased your odds of having many years of happy motoring miles!



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