Fred Martin Superstore & Norton City Schools Team Up To “Roar” This School Year!

October 10th, 2022 by

It is the third year of Fred Martin Superstore’s continued support with Norton City Schools for the 2022-2023 district initiative “We Roar. Together.”  The word “roar” is a nod to the school mascot, the panther.  The theme is designed to bring attention to Norton City School’s strategic plan addressing mental health, anti-bullying, and overall wellness in children.  They will focus on discussions, activities, and educational programming designed to enhance the life of every one of their students.

Fred Martin Superstore began their involvement with Norton City Schools “We Roar. Together.” In 2019 when the theme was first announced.  Anxiety, depression, and job loss stemming from the COVID-19 Pandemic has shined an even brighter light on the need for programs like this.

Norton’s staff works diligently and consistently on two student characteristics that are believed to be healthy for the students — Strength and Warmth. These will anchor their team’s approach to supporting and equipping each child in a manner that benefits them most. “We Roar” represents strength, and “Together” represents warmth.

Fred Martin Superstore’s $10,000 donation helps support the District t-shirt, as well as other programming and initiatives related to the theme.  More mental health professionals have been hired so that every school building is properly staffed, and a new mentorship program is already underway.  Over 3,000 t-shirts will be supplied to students, teachers, bus drivers, and all other support staff.  They will be encouraged to wear the t-shirts four times throughout the school year to keep the focus on the “We Roar. Together.” initiative.

When “We Roar. Together.” was first rolled out, student and community response were overwhelmingly positive.  In fact, of all the themed shirts the District has released, the “We Roar. Together” shirts have been their most widely worn themed shirts ever!  With a brand-new color and design, the 2022 shirt promises to continue the tradition!

Ashley St. Pierre, Marketing Director, stated “Mental health is finally becoming a mainstream topic, and slowly losing the stigma of being taboo to discuss.  In these challenging post-pandemic times, our children need us now more than ever to support their mental and emotional well-being.”

Fred Martin Superstore is ecstatic to continue with “We Roar. Together.” into this school year, and push towards a brighter future for the students in our community.

Pictured from left to right are Fred Martin General Manager Tom Dunn, Finance Manager Nick Huff, Operations Manager Cody Huff, Marketing Director Ashley St. Pierre, Superintendent of Norton City Schools Bryan Farson, and Adam Huff, President of the Fred Martin Auto Group. 

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