Why Buy an Electric Car?

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe charging

Electric vehicles are on the rise and, as more and more pop up on the Akron roads, drivers are wondering: why buy an electric car? With a long history of traditional gas engines, it may seem strange to make the switch now. But, many drivers are finding that EV ownership comes with several perks, and not just for the environment! Learn more about the advantages of owning an electric vehicle and why you should consider buying an electric car with Fred Martin Superstore.



The Perks of EV Ownership

Switching to an all-electric vehicle can give you several benefits over owning a traditional gas-powered vehicle, such as:

  • Cheaper Maintenance Costs: Since EVs don’t have combustion engines, there are several pieces of routine maintenance you can forgo. Say goodbye to oil changes, transmission flushes, and more, which will save you both money and time spent in the shop.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: As EVs are on the frontline of new vehicles, the technology found inside will also be innovative. Elevate your daily Canton drives with curved information displays, easily-monitorable energy usage, and more!
  • Less Environmental Impact:: EVs don’t use gas, making them emission-free while driving. Charging may still require plugging into “the grid”, which is primarily fueled by fossil fuels, but you can mitigate this effect by finding charging stations powered by renewable energy like solar or wind! Overall, the impact is much less than that of a traditional gas-powered car.

What to Know Before Buying an EV

Prepare Your Garage

Even as the number of charging stations near Medina increases, having a convenient charging station installed in your garage will make keeping your EV charged and at full range easy. Decide what level of charging you’d like (Level 1, Level 2, etc.) and have an electrician install your new home charging station before the arrival of your EV.

Locate Charging Stations near Barberton/Norton

That’s not to say you’ll never need a quick charge-up while you’re on the go! Map out all the nearest public charging stations nearest to the places you frequent, so you’re never caught with a low battery while out on the town.

Explore Possible Savings via Tax Credits

Electric vehicles are slightly more expensive than traditional gas vehicles for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great deal! Check federal, state, and local incentives to see if the EV you have your eye on qualifies you for any tax credits or rebates. You can also save money on your next EV by checking our rotating new vehicle specials for even more great deals!

Drive Into the Electric Future with Fred Martin Superstore!

So, why should you buy an electric car? For all the perks and advantages over a non-electric car, of course! Contact Fred Martin Superstore online or at 330-752-6220 to find out more about electric vehicles, and which ones we have in our expansive new vehicle inventory! No matter which electric vehicle you choose, you can get all the info you need at Fred Martin Superstore.


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