What Causes an Engine to Overheat

When driving along a highway, have you ever noticed a vehicle on the shoulder with smoke coming out of the hood? This is a sign that the engine has overheated. I have always had this fear, but instead of worrying about it, it’s best to be prepared. After all, cars are machines, and anything can happen!
What exactly causes the engine to overheat? I decided to do some research on this because I never really gave it any thought. Here are some basic causes that I found:
• Radiator Cap
• Thermostat
• Radiator
• Hose
• Fan
The radiator cap seals the radiator and if not sealed properly, it can hinder the cooling process.
The thermostat is designed to open when the engine is hot! If it fails, the engine will overheat.
The radiator if cracked, will blow heat into the engine.
The hose can get old and rot causing leaking coolant.
If the fan fails, this can lead to overheating the engine as the fan blows to lower the temperature of the coolant.
In the days ahead it’s best to get the engine and other parts inspected to prevent and avoid an overheating engine.