Steps to Take When the Check Engine Light Come On

Steps to Take When the Check Engine Light Come On

Steps to Take When the Check Engine Light Comes On

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Picture this; you get into your car after a long day of work with nothing but you and the open road ahead of you, then the check engine light comes on in all its bright yellow glory right on your dashboard. The first thing that you’re going to want to do is panic, but you need to remain calm. All the indicator light tells you is that there is some problem, but that doesn’t always mean that the light indicates a severe issue. Below we will go over what the check engine light is telling you and some steps to take when you see the check engine light come on. Once you’re done reading, schedule an appointment with our experts here at Fred Martin Superstore!

What the Check Engine Light Means

Your onboard diagnostic system is designed to communicate with other vehicle methods to keep track of what’s happening inside your car. When there is an issue with the electronic control system, a warning light is sent to your dashboard to inform you of a problem. Depending on how the light is displayed on your dashboard, you will see that it’s either a major or minor issue. If the light is a steady yellow, your car is telling you to have a look to fix a minor issue when you can. Meanwhile, a flashing yellow light means that there is a problem with your vehicle’s engine, and it needs to be fixed immediately. You will not need to pull over immediately unless you feel the car is unsafe to drive. However, if you ignore the flashing yellow light, you might cause damage to the engine of your vehicle. If the light turns on, you should take the following steps we have listed below!

Check the Gas Cap

The first thing that you should check when your engine light comes on is your gas cap. Get out of the car and check to see if your gas cap is loose or if it is cracked or damaged. If your gas cap is not on securely, you must ensure that you tighten it, or the light will just come on again. If you find yourself in a situation where the gas cap is broken, you need to have it replaced right away. If you wait too long to replace your gas cap, the fuel in your tank will evaporate until you are running on empty.

Check for Low Oil Pressure and Overheating

Have a glance at the gauges and lights on the dashboard of your vehicle to see if your vehicle has low oil pressure. You may need to reduce your speed and stop towing if you are driving a Ram or another truck if your indicator light starts to flash. If you have an issue like this, you will need to pull your vehicle over immediately in a safe place and then call a tow truck immediately. This is a potentially severe and dangerous issue, and it can do lasting damage to your vehicle if you continue to drive around with this issue, so you will need to get this taken care of immediately!

Get an Appointment With Our Experts

If you have gone over your vehicle thoroughly, and you still don’t know the problem or how to fix it, then you need to schedule an appointment with our experts here at Fred Martin Superstore! Our dedicated team of highly skilled technicians will go over every inch of your vehicle to identify the source of the problem and then take steps to correct it. Don’t let a random check engine light ruin your day. Have our team of experts help you with all your automotive needs and get you back on the road quickly.

How to Make an Appointment at Fred Martin Superstore

Check engine lights have the potential to be serious, so you don’t want to delay in getting it checked out! Please make an appointment with our experts today by heading down to our dealership and speaking with one of our friendly team members. If you are unable to do that right now, then be sure to fill out an appointment form right here on our website! Our team looks forward to meeting you and working on your vehicle here at Fred Martin Superstore!

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