Staying Awake on Road Trips

How to Stay Awake on a Road Trip

If you have been driving long hours, or it is getting late, you may start to feel drowsy. It is very important to recognize when you can no longer safely drive. You may be on a schedule, but getting to your destination safely should be the priority. Here are some tips on how to stay wide awake on those late night drives:

Roll Down the Windows
Whether it’s warm or cold air, when the wind hits your face, it has a way of keeping you awake. If you need to stay awake on a road trip, roll down the windows! Sure, it may be a little loud, but this is the perfect way to keep you awake.

Drink a Cup of Coffee
Passengers and drivers alike can all celebrate the fact that one great way to stay awake is to drink a cup of coffee. Caffeine is everything when it comes to staying awake and alert. While you don’t want to go overboard on drinking coffee, you may want to indulge in a cup or two to help you stay awake.

Chew Your Favorite Gum
Do you want to stay awake on the road trip? Chew your favorite gum. Chewing gum helps to keep you alert in a unique way. It gives your mind something to focus on, which isn’t always easy when you’re driving. People easily fall asleep in a car because it’s moving. Chewing gum gives you an activity to stay focused on, while you’re on a road trip.

Turn the Cold Air On
Another way to stay awake, while you’re on a road trip is by turning the cold air on. Cold air is a great way to stay awake! It’s harmless, but can activate your brain to stay awake. When you’re in the car at night and stay getting sleepy, turn on the air!

Have a Snack
Although, you should never drive and be distracted with something like food, this is one way to stay awake if you’re the passenger. Having a snack can help wake up your brain and get your energy flowing again. Of course, a healthy snack is better than a sugary one because the nutrition will help keep your blood sugar balanced.

Staying awake during a road trip doesn’t have to be painful. You can stay awake using these tips! Which one is your favorite way to stay awake on a road trip?