Some Things to Know Before You Go Off-Roading

Some Things to Know Before You Go Off-Roading

Some Things to Know Before You Go Off-Roading

Advice from the Off-Road Experts at Fred Martin Superstore

Going off-roading in a 4×4 vehicle is a very different affair than your daily drive on paved roads. There are all sorts of things that can go wrong when you are deep in the bush so it makes solid sense to be prepared. In this article, we will present some things a driver should do when venturing out off-road for the first time.

Have extra food and water

Particularly if you have kids along with you, remember to bring plenty of food and water. Under non-emergency situations, this is sage advice, but if you get stuck or broken down, having some sustenance along could make things considerably more bearable. Generally speaking, this just means some things like sports bars, packaged food, and some water bottles or sports drinks.

Ways to communicate

If something happens when you are out in the bush, you want to be able to easily communicate with friends, or worst case, emergency responders. In most cases, this means a cell phone but in places without cell reception, a good portable, two-way radio will work. We probably don’t need to emphasize this, but make sure you have a charging cable for your cell phone and two-way radio just in case the batteries quit.

Know your route

Research as much as you can about where you are going before you leave. Unless you are just going off-road a few hundred meters, have an idea of your planned trip. Keep in mind, don’t rely on your GPS to help you navigate out in the wild. GPS is really best for paved road routes and may not even work out off-road. It may even be a good idea – gasp- to bring along an old fashioned map for your trip.

Have 4×4 emergency gear

There is a lot of gear that you can bring along with you to help you out just in case something happens. It’s a good idea to have a tow strap in case you need a tow. Also, a good set of jumper cables, a small toolset, and a small fire extinguisher are good to have. Whilst most of your safety gear will go unused as long as no emergencies occur, it is always better to be prepared and ready.

Pack extra clothing

Another thing that people will often overlook is the need to pack waterproof clothing or extra clothes with them. You never know when the temperature could dive, or rain starts to pour. Just think how much better you and your passengers will feel if you have brought the right clothing along.

Above all, have fun!

Well, we hope this list doesn’t dissuade you from going off-road in the future. Off-roading is an awful lot of fun and can be a great social activity. We simply urge you to be safe and bring along the right gear so your fun isn’t marred by any accidents or difficult situations. If you are planning an extended trip, be sure your Jeep is in tip-top shape. Need some assistance with that? Contact the off-road experts at Fred Martin Superstore.