School Bus Safety

Remember to STOP for School Buses

School bus incidents have been in the news lately. It is incredible that people would disregard a school bus’ flashing lights and stop sign, but they do. So here are some safety tips to remember. Let’s keep our kids heading to school safe!

When you see a school bus’s lights flashing yellow then red. It means slow down then stop. This is for the safety of children getting on the bus. Too many motorists see yellow flashing lights as an opportunity to speed up and speed past.

“Does it mean both sides must stop?” Yes! What if the children had to cross the street? As a driver, it’s very important to always be aware.

“What if I’m in a hurry?” It’s always better to be late than cause an accident.

“What if there is only one child getting on the bus?” This should be a no-brainer, but you should stop as it’s the rules of the road and it’s worth protecting the life of even one child just trying to get to school that day.

“I didn’t see the bus.” Unfortunately, this excuse will only go so far. As a motorist, your driving responsibility is to pay attention to every detail of the open roadway, including school buses.

Remember to STOP for School Buses!