Jeep Tire Services Akron, OH

Jeep Tire Services Akron, OH

Jeep Tire Services Akron, OH

From the folks at Fred Martin Superstore of Akron, OH

An important part of car ownership is knowing that your tires are not a “set and forget” item.  Tires are dynamic; they lose air over time and they wear out as the miles accumulate. Unfortunately most people ignore them, though, until they are really low on air, fail to pass inspection, or go flat entirely.  Let’s take a look at the maintenance issues that you can oversee to make your car’s tires deliver many thousands of miles of use, and do so safely.

Under-inflation is the number one issue

You likely know that tires slowly lose air pressure but did you know that under-inflation is a serious problem? Studies have shown that up to 25% of the tires on the road today are substantially underinflated. This is a shame because underinflated tires deliver less fuel mileage and wear out prematurely. Frankly, this is a just a waste of money!
In order to keep your car’s tires inflated properly, it is recommended that they should be checked once a month. You probably know that adding air pressure to your tires is easily done at most gas stations and convenience stores. (You can also book a service appointment with Fred Martin Superstore.) So, check your tire pressure monthly and keep an eye open for any unusual wear patterns developing.

What else can I do to make my tires last?

You can have them “rotated” periodically. Here’s how it works: as you drive, your tires wear out, and they rarely do so evenly. By having your tires repositioned on your car, or “rotated”, from one axle to another, you can smooth out the wear so that the set lasts longer. It is generally recommended that you rotate your Jeep tires every 5000 to 7500 miles but check with the folks at Fred Martin Superstore to see the exact specification for your car or truck.

What about full wheel alignments on my Jeep?

You should align the wheels on your Jeep periodically, in addition to other maintenance. This is a procedure that checks and adjusts the geometry of your Jeep’s front and rear suspension parts so that they meet factory specifications. The reason that this becomes necessary is that driving subjects your Jeep to lots of stresses and strains (think potholes and off-roading) and this can cause the relative alignment of your suspension to shift out of spec. The solution is to visit a Jeep specialist, such as Fred Martin Superstore, and have one of their alignment specialists take a look at your vehicle.

How to get expert tire service for your Jeep in Akron, OH

Paying attention to the condition of your Jeep’s tires will help protect your automotive investment and maintain its safety. The folks at Fred Martin Superstore are experts in all facets of Jeep tire maintenance and vehicle alignment.  Feel free to schedule a service appointment for the folks at Fred Martin to have a look at the tires on your Jeep at your convenience.