Jeep Named Most Patriotic Automotive Brand

Jeep Named Most Patriotic Automotive Brand

Jeep Named Most Patriotic Automotive Brand

Ask a group of US citizens to name a uniquely American car and Brand Keys, a well-known brand research firm, believes you will likely hear “Jeep.” Why? Because that’s exactly what they did. In an annual survey of car brands, a large study found that the Jeep brand is viewed as more patriotic than other American car. As matter of fact, it came in #1 in ranking! The folks at Jeep aren’t surprised. They believe it is due to Jeep’s connection to the victory in WWII.


“The Jeep community is like no other,” said Olivier Francois, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Stellantis. “With the Jeep brand’s recognition as America’s ‘Most Patriotic Brand,’ we see that there is no other automotive brand that is so instantly recognizable and none whose freedom proposition is cemented into the history of its home nation like the Jeep brand, and protected with such passion by its owners and enthusiasts not only in America but around the world.”


Can you tell me about Brand Keys?

Brand Keys is a global research company that helps clients develop brand health and emotional engagement strategies. Their specialty is analyzing customer loyalty metrics and using those insights in the design of customer acquisition strategies. The company takes pride in their extraordinarily accurate ability to predict brand sales, shares, and profitability.


What went into the “Most Patriotic Brand” study?

According to Brand Keys, the Most Patriotic Automotive Brand study used a sample of 5,800 consumers aged 16 to 65. Those surveyed were pulled from 9 Census Regions and over 1100 brands were included for evaluation. The president of Brands Keys explains:


“Independence Day is an appropriate time to acknowledge the history and value of patriotism,” said Robert Passikoff, President of Brand Keys. “And those who have contributed to it. ’Patriotism’ is one of the most powerful values a brand can own, and the Jeep brand has led the brand patriotism-parade since the Most Patriotic Brand in America survey was created. A brand like Jeep that can literally own a value as strong as patriotism is able to emotionally differentiate themselves from the competition and engage customers. The Jeep brand track record proves that, and we are proud to congratulate them again this year for their extraordinary accomplishment.”


Why would Jeep be considered the #1 Patriotic Brand?

Most people believe it is because of of Jeep’s involvement in World War II. In fact, many historians believe that the Allied victory during WWII was due in no small part because of Jeep vehicles.


Is Jeep doing anything special to celebrate this study?

Yes, they are. As a tribute to U.S. military members, the Jeep brand offers special Freedom models for the 2021 model year. These models feature military-themed exterior and interior design details. In addition, all active and recently retired service members also qualify for $500 Military Bonus Cash across the Jeep line.


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