Dodge Charger EV Concept Revealed Akron OH

Dodge Charger EV Concept Revealed

Dodge Charger EV Concept Revealed

Meet the Charger in a Whole New Way!

The Dodge Charger is anything but ordinary. This sedan takes your driving experience to the next level, with features that create the race of a lifetime. The Charger has bold design themes like bright exterior colors, racing stripes, functional hood scoops, and so much more. For years, the Charger has been known for its powerful engine options, and now, Dodge is bringing new meaning to the word “power” with its brand-new Dodge Charger EV concept! Electric vehicles are taking the automotive industry by storm, offering an efficient, environmentally-friendly alternative to the gas-powered engines of old. This new concept is a huge step for the Dodge brand, and for muscle cars as we know them! Keep reading as we fill you in on all the details of the Dodge Charger EV concept!

What are the New BEV Features?

The Dodge Charger’s new EV concept is known as the Daytona SRT, and this model is different than all the other Charger models that have come before it thanks to its rechargeable electric powertrain. Under the hood, you’ll find an 800-volt propulsion system known as the Banshee. The Banshee comes with standard all-wheel drive, another first for the Charger. Some may be worried that the Charger will lose its signature “growl” without the traditional gas engine. Dodge has put those fears to bed with the new Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust system, which creates up to 126 dB of sound thanks to a patent-pending amplifier system. The trio of new features is rounded out by the eRupt transmission, which has the oomph to help you power ahead with confidence. There’s also a new PowerShot features, where at the press of a button, you can surge forward with an extra boost of horsepower! According to Dodge, the Daytona contempt is actually said to be faster than the beloved Hellcat!

What are the Daytona’s Exterior Features?

Although a lot of thing are changing under the hood of the Charger Daytona SRT, many elements of its classic design are being preserved for this new era of innovation. In fact, the EV concept gets its name from the 1970 Daytona model, and it has a retro-style front grille design that celebrates those classic roots. Part of this front-end design is the R-Wing, which aids in airflow and overall aerodynamics, all while emphasizing the iconic Charger silhouette. The centerpiece of the front grille is a new three-pointed Fratzog badge, which originally appeared on the Charger decades ago, but has been revived as a symbol of the new electric vehicle. The exterior is finished off with sleek 21-inch wheels, and grey six-piston brakes, creating an elegant, streamlined appearance.

What Features are on the Daytona’s Interior?

The interior of the Charger Daytona EV is sure to impress. It has a sporty, powerful, and performance-oriented design that puts you in full control of your next adventure. The interior is inspired by an airplane cockpit, with features like a flip-up cap to start the ignition, and a pistol-grip shifter. The interior is accented with blue and silver stitching, and a lightning bolt decal on the pedal celebrates the electronic features. There’s a standard head-up display, as well as a digital instrument panel. In addition, the Daytona comes with a 12.3-inch central touchscreen display. The steering wheel has a slim design with a flat top and bottom, framed by paddle shifters. Around the interior, you’ll find circuit board-inspired graphics that create a high-tech look and feel. The front and rear seats are race-inspired, and feature the same Fratzog logo as the grille.

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