Chrysler Airflow Concept Revealed

Chrysler Airflow Concept Revealed

Chrysler Airflow Concept Revealed

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The Chrysler brand revealed the Chrysler Airflow Concept at the CES 2022, giving a glimpse of the leading-edge drive-system technology, fully connected customer experiences, and advanced mobility features wrapped in inspiring, dynamic design. Chrysler is an iconic American automotive brand with a heritage in creating new advanced technologies and product segments. Through more than 96 years, Chrysler has earned a reputation for innovative engineering, groundbreaking style, and affordable luxury. The Chrysler Airflow Concept reinvents the customer experience by integrating the STLA Brain platform and STLA SmartCockpit to deliver seamless connectivity to transform the experience for drivers and passengers. In addition, the Chrysler Airflow creates a connected hub that brings a consumer’s digital lifestyle into the vehicle, using advanced technology to create a customized space for each occupant.

Seamless Connectivity

The Chrysler Airflow Concept was designed to bring people together, both physically and virtually, through advanced technologies. The STLA Brain and STLA SmartCockpit make this possible. The user experience in the Airflow Concept is agile, intuitive, and always fresh. The interior delivers a personalized experience that seamlessly connects them with their digital lives for every passenger. The Airflow Concept user experience employs multi-layered, high-contrast graphics and thoughtful details to provide a clean, sophisticated appearance that is safe, easy to use, and easy to understand. In addition, the STLA SmartCockpit seamlessly integrates with the digital lives of vehicle occupants to deliver navigation, voice assistance, an e-commerce marketplace, and payment services.

Fully Electrified and Fully Connected

The Chrysler Airflow Concept previews a fully electric vehicle lineup by 2028, produced using clean manufacturing processes and made with recyclable and renewable materials. Through the use of industry-first technologies. The Chrysler Airflow comes equipped with STLA AutoDrive, Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities, and will be upgradable via over-the-air updates. The Airflow provides an all-wheel-drive capability and is powered by two 150 kW electric drive motors, one in the front and one in the rear. The battery is designed to achieve a single charge between a 350- and 400-mile range.

Dynamic Design

The Airflow offers a dynamic design proportion, with a low ride height and streamlined, a two-tone roofline that achieves an elegant yet athletic profile while increasing EV range. The design elements work together to enable a dramatic stance and deliver excellent handling and performance dynamics. The modern and spacious interior offers a light and calming color palette, awakening an open, airy lounge area that provides a comfortable space between home and work. Technology is integrated seamlessly into the interior in dark glass sculptures. The Infotainment screens appear as gloss black sculptures, seamlessly integrating technology within the overall interior composition.

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