Where To Go During A Tornado

May 19th, 2014 by

TornadoWhether you are traveling or just on the daily commute, a tornado or heavy storms don’t always happen when we want them to.  They are often unpredictable and that is what makes them so dangerous.  So what should you do when the weather starts to turn?

Turn Your Radio to the News: One of the best things you have available to you is your radio because they will broadcast any severe weather warnings or alerts.  Information can be your best ally in stormy weather.  If someone is in the car with you, cell phones can retrieve updates as well or retrieve information through most news websites and apps.

Get to Safety:  Though you may be a few minutes from your destination or hours, it’s important to get through the storm first.  Don’t drive faster to try and outrun the storm as this only makes the situation more dangerous.  If the rain is too heavy to see, then pull off the road when it is safe to do so.  If there is a tornado in the area then find an overpass to stay under or get inside a newer commercial building.  Many newer buildings like Target or Wal-Marts are designed for tornadoes so if you are able to retreat to one than that is a good option.  If all else fails and you see a tornado with no place to hide.  Try to get to a ditch or stay in your vehicle if there is nowhere to go. Never try to outrun a tornado and remember that you don’t know which way it will go. Use what you have around you to create the safest place that you can.

Wait it Out:  Tornadoes will generally pass by fairly quickly and don’t stay in one place for very long but it is always a good idea to wait a little longer just to make sure the storm has passed.  If you have a radio/TV/cell phone available then watch to see when your area has the alert/warning/watch removed indicating it is safe once more.

Beware of the Aftermath: Even if the tornado went by and you didn’t see anything, there is likely to be some damage.  Even high winds and heavy rain can cause problems to travelers including debris, downed wires, or high water.  These are things that could be hazardous so take your time after the storm and be alert to the road.

*One thing to remember is that your car is a safe place during a storm from lightning as the tires will ground the vehicle but because of the glass windows, lightweight and limited protection the car is only better if there is absolutely NOWHERE else to take shelter and is a last resort.  Just like in a house, you should stay clear of windows and move to an interior room or the basement.
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