What Questions To Ask During A Test Drive

March 27th, 2015 by

Test DriveIf you have ever found yourself wondering, “What to ask during a test drive?” we hope to lend a hand. Here are a few tips to make the test drive experience less stressful.

1) Make sure you bring your current insurance information.

2) Test drive the same make and model you’re planning to buy. While it might be impossible to drive the exact car that you consider buying, test-driving a turbo charged, version of a car, when you are planning to buy the base model is a mistake. The two might drive completely differently.

3) Get a feel for how well your body sits inside the vehicle. Do you have enough legroom? Will your passenger’s have enough room? With the seat adjusted, are you able to see the instrument panel well enough? Can you see stop lights clearly? Can you see over the hood of the vehicle? Check the blind spots in your mirrors. You want a car that feels like it fits who you are.

4) Test everyday actions. Sure, the car might go from 0-60 in 2.4 seconds, but can you parallel park it easily? Can you see what you are doing when you are parking and pulling into tight places? Take a moment to test the turn radius. Does your vehicle come with a rear-view camera? All of these things are very important when considering any vehicle purchase.

It is our hope that with these tips will make test-driving a little easier. We want you to find the right car that fits your lifestyle. Buying a car is a big investment, and we want you to have as much information as possible! If you are interested in taking a test drive, contact us for an appointment, our professional sales team is here to answer all of your questions.

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