Strange And Bizarre Driving Laws

June 6th, 2014 by

2017 Chrysler PacificaIf you are planning on a road trip this summer, it is important to know all the laws of the state that you are driving through, but there are some strange and bizarre laws in almost every state! Here is a list of some of the weirdest driving laws that we could find!

  • In Alabama, it is against the law to drive with a blindfold on … maybe a lot of stunt drivers were practicing in Alabama.
  • In Glendale California, you can be arrested for jumping from a vehicle at 65 mph.  That is if you survive of course.
  • In Alaska, it is illegal to tether a dog to the roof of your vehicle.  I’m in full support of this law but it worries you when you think about the idea that they had to make that a law.
  • Speaking of dogs, in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, you can get fined if you pet “fornicates” with a vehicle.  Tell your pet to show a little restraint around those tires and bumpers!
  • Jeepsters be warned! It illegal in Minnetonka, Minnesota to drive a vehicle that leaves mud or dirt on the roads.  Even more reason to go off-roading in Minnesota!
  • Want to get attention for your “honk if you love ____” bumper sticker? Take a drive through New Jersey where residences legally have to honk before they pass.  Then again, it might not be the only reason they’re blowing their horn.
  • Dunn, North Carolina has no humor for vehicles wanting to act like people, since it is illegal to drive on the sidewalks.   It’s either lack of common sense or overly cautious … you decide.
  • Scituate, Rhode Island went a step further and declared it illegal to drive with an unopened beer in your vehicle.  Guess you have to walk or take a bike before your next party.
  • You won’t catch Stan Lee driving in Oklahoma since you will get a ticket for reading a comic book while driving.
  • Oregon must have a lot of athletes, because it is illegal to use a vehicle on any Oregon highway to prove physical endurance.  Not sure how you do this but don’t do it in Oregon!
    As you can see, there are several strange and bizarre traffic laws still in place today and this are only a handful of them.  It makes you wonder what other strange and bizarre laws are out there today!
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