Pick A Top, Any Top For Your Jeep

May 31st, 2014 by

Jeep WranglerThe Jeep Wrangler has a devoted following and one reason why is the unique ability to remove the top of this 4×4 and ride like a convertible cruiser in the summer.  Forget the moon-roofs, sunroofs and panoramic sunroofs because Jeep has the best way to drive topless because of the options that you have.  What options you ask? Well let me tell you!

Full-Frame soft top – soft tops with a full-frame use a metal support system to hold the cloth top in place and appear similar to a hardtop cover.  This top is easy to roll back and store because the bows are attached to the roll bars and stay in place even when the top is down.  It’s also just as easy to put back up in case the rain starts to come down.

Frame-less soft top – very similar to the full-frame but as you might guess, it doesn’t have the frame in place to hold the shape of the cloth.  This means that top will follow the roll bars and appear angled near the rear of the car, which will cost you cargo space in a 4 door but not much that you would notice in the 2 door models.

Summer Top – these have a lot of names but especially it is a canopy that only covers the top and leaves the sides open.  This provides the summer-cruising feel that many people crave while offering protection from the skis without having to put the top up and down.  They don’t seal like a soft or hard top would so it is important to know that it isn’t waterproof even though the large openings in the sides and back would offer that suggestion.

Hard Top – The hard top is the quintessential Jeep accessory because of the versatility and style.  You can get the hard top in body color or standard black and drive in style.  These hold up extremely well though because of their rugged structure, they don’t give you the storage options that a soft top would or the ease or putting it up or down.

What you should ask yourself is what are you looking to do and what will work best for you.  If you constantly like to remove and put the top on your Jeep, a soft top will probably work best.  If you want protection but also the freedom in the summer than a summer top will be a good choice or if you want a strong, rugged top that will last, look nice and have a place to put it while taken off, then a hard top might be your best bet.  Just like any choice you make in customizing your Jeep, you need to make it fit your needs so you can love your Jeep everyday!
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