Dodge’s Latest Monster

July 8th, 2015 by

“The night is cold and quiet, except for the distant rumbling of pure power in the distance. The guttural roar inches closer by the second, causing your eyes to broaden, and your toes to curl. However, there’s no need to be afraid, because in the concrete jungle, muscle cars are king. They crave only gasoline and burning rubber, and the only thing they fear is the occasional speeding ticket.”

In Dodge’s latest ad, titled “Predators.” This short 90-second film highlights Dodge’s ferocious powerhouse lineup which includes the Challenger Hellcat, Charger Hellcat and last but not least, the Viper. The clip was based in Miami where the combination of Phil Collins’ music and the roar of mighty engines made for quite the story.

Dodge has been on fire lately with their recent advertisements, especially in the brand’s “Dodge Brothers” series. These campaigns take the Dodge driver on a journey that gear heads and fans of history alike can enjoy. This is the story of the Dodge and its journey to be the very best.

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