Common Cosmetic Issues and How to Address Them

November 12th, 2017 by

There are few things more annoying than walking out to get in your car and finding that somebody scratched it. Unfortunately, minor cosmetic issues are a fact of life when it comes to car ownership, and these things can happen through no fault of your own. However, the friendly mechanics here at our RAM service center can help get your car back into top condition after it suffers minor cosmetic damage. Here are some of the most common types of cosmetic damage and how we’ll fix them. 

Wind Damage: Strong wind storms here in the Cleveland, OH area can damage your vehicle. Wind can make your car door fly open when you’re getting out, resulting in a dent. Flying debris caused by wind can also crash into your car, causing dents or shattering windows. If this happens to you, our mechanics will fix or any dents of auto glass damage in your vehicle.

Scratched Paint or Dents: Small dents or scratches can be caused by other drivers colliding with your car or by opening their doors and hitting your car. Luckily, these challenges are no problem for our mechanics. Check out our rotating service specials in order to save even more money on your cosmetic damage repairs.

Tire Damage: Damage to your vehicle’s tires can be caused by running over nails or other sharp objects, as well as general decay. Whether you have a flat tire or a slow leak, our mechanics will either patch it up or install an entirely new tire. Our car dealership near Akron, OH has a tire center with a huge new tire selection for all types of vehicles.

Head over to our service center if you’ve experienced minor cosmetic damage to your vehicle.  

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